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Can dwg files created by AUTODESK Mechanical Desktop be imported to InteriCAD?

AUTODESK Mechanical Desktop is a software for manufacturing design. When importing dwg file created by AUTODESK Mechanical Desktop to InteriCAD, sometimes the 3D models can’t be shown properly, even though using “Insert” command, the problem remains. In other situation, the models appear to be normal, but when we use the explode command, the models disappear right away, which means we just see the display data rather than the model data. Actually, when we save the file as dwg format, it automatically contains some data of the software, and this data may not be convertible to another AUTODESK software, let alone other software. Therefore, it’s better to save the files created by AUTODESK Mechanical Desktop as dxf format, and this file format is very useful for interchanging image information among systems. After importing the dxf file to InteriCAD, user may conduct explode command to the models inside, if the models still exist, that means the dxf is available.