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TS EXIM SDN. BHD. in Malaysia

Company Name TS EXIM SDN. BHD.

Company Profile

What does a company that sells software mean to you? Being the distributor of software that famously existed in Malaysia from 10 years ago, what we have achieved is truly remarkable. However, what makes us even more remarkable all the while is really the support of our loyal customers who use the software through and through What made us unique in this market was the way we wanted to put our company forward, starting from where the software was sold such as at places designers would be, exhibition or through exciting event such as the InteriCAD Interior Design Award. What made us better in this market was the commitment of the team, which is as committed now as they were 10 years ago. For many customers who have been with us all these years, they wont have trouble naming the person who has served them well. So well that we are invited to become the distributor for the Singapore market, a place where more specializations are call for. TS Exim Group of companies constantly provides software and solutions, knowledge base products and services such as design seminar, exciting competitions, awards and Designer Night. What we give is base on what customer would want, and that should give you a good enough reason to come to us.

Website link: http://www.ts-exim.com

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