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VR Upgrade 20090107

YFCAD software released the latest update patch for Virtual Reality on January 7th, 2009.

The new version has made improvement on VR stability, added new translation to Italian and Japanese versions.

Please replace mgxvr.dll file under "vr/system" folder.

Download links:

1 Improved stability of Virtual Reality module.
2 Adjusted watermark position of demo version to the bottom of picture.
3 Added new translation to Italian and Japanese version.

1 Optimize bump mapping algorithm.
2 Optimize authorization code reading from modelcode.txt file.
3 Resume to original view angle after click "Cancel" when set animation record path.
4 Optimize 3D vertex API converting after Sketching.
5 Raytrace dialog translation in Japanese version.
6 Increase VR status checking API
7 Fix collision detection problem when insert model into user library.
8 License time limit notification start when remaining time less than 30 hours.
9 Add new object hide/show dialog.
10 When remaining time less than 20 hours, if key3.exe exists, the system will remind to link online recharge system.
11 When license expired, if key3.exe exists, system will remind to link online recharge system.
12 Other minor improvement.
1 Added API to read time-limit info.
2 Lighting RGB color is now able to input numbers.
3 Hide/Show uses new dialog box, supports multi-selection and object selection.
4 Improved accuracy of Raytrace.
5 Improved wrong patch elimination before Radiosity.
6 Elimination of wrong vertex in order to fix display of perspective view.
7 Sunlight direction edit function improved.
8 Auto fix wrong sunlight direction when opening MRS file.
1 UCS size fixed.
2 Italian version resource updated.
3 Intericad 6000 english version fixed animation bug.
4 Performance of the selection of lights and objects is improved.
5 Saving mrs file is irrelevant with keylock now. File will not be damaged if keylock lost power while saving.
6 Progress bar added.
7 Virtual reality supports multi-core CPU up to 8-core.
8 Fixed black spots in VR render.
9 Fixed color spots in VR render
10 Fixed UAC problem in Windows Vista.
11 Able to save panorama and perspective picture in Vista now.
12 Added explode function in VR.
13 Solved a few bugs of network version.