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YFCAD Annual Sales Staff Training in Guangzhou

In the first half of this year, even facing global economic downturn, YFCAD still achieved satisfying sales. In order to better serve our customers and maintain current sales performance, our company held a special sales training course for the staff in Aug.15-18, 2009. YFCAD sales teams from Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai office have all participated in this training course. Senior trainer Mr.Sheng Chengyong was invited for our professional training. During three days of training, the group showed great enthusiasm in their study and the whole atmosphere was extremely warm. From the early morning jog till the late night discussion and experience sharing, the intense yet easy-going training had filled us with inspiration and refreshment.

Our sales team-a team of passionate young people


Take a breath of fresh air in the early morning jog




Learn from our trainer in an easy-going atmosphere.





A shot together- We are No.1!!