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iScan and MHD assist Wethelrys to luanch new product

At the end of 2009, through the effort of our distributor, the South African‘s largest furniture group Wetherlys adopted YFCAD software, which is an important part of Wetherlys?Lifestly Executive strategy. Through the effort of YFCAD and distributor, Wetherlys has already used YFCAD in their showroom, the feedback is excellent. YFCAD customerized the MHD for Wetherlys to assist their innovative marketing campaign and front line customer service in April 2010, which contributed to Wetherlys?new brand building.   


After the use of InteriCAD Lite, Wetherlys delicately made a TV program based on Lite service, which has excellent feedback, here is the screen shot:



Wetherlys staff use Lite to decorate the furniture at client’s home.







Exhibition photo





Famous designer Aidan Bennetts and his new works and iScan demonstration.

MHD stand



In May, Wetherlys attended the famous local exhibition--- Grand Design, Wetherlys debuted new products, the designer for those new products is the celebrity user of YFCAD Mr. Aidan Benneret, he is one of the well-known designers in South Africa who can be seen frequently in the Magazine cover and TV show, our distributor partnered with Mr. Aidan Benneret to attend the Exhibition, and the result of the exhibition was great. In an attempt to present an exceptional new product debut in the exhibition, three parties worked closely to take the maximum advantage of YFCAD software to create an innovative new products debut, we decided to adopt MHD and iScan in the debut, MHD and iScan demonstrated the new products of Wetherlys in the Exhibition, customer not only can see the real products, but also can see the effect of the furniture in their house, customers felt great, this is a classic case for the cooperation among YFCAD, user and Key client.





Wethelrys sales provide onsite design