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Customized Solution for Appollo

Appollo (China) Co., Ltd was established in 1996 in Guangzhou. With its professional production progresses, high quality sales team and excellent services, it has become one of the leaders in sanitary ware market around China or even Asia.

From 6th 2010, Appollo started cooperation with YFCAD and adopted a customized solution “Appollo Sanitary Ware Ideal Lifestyle” (an customized integrated presale system developed on the basis of Ceramic King) as a powerful weapon in the process of showroom sales.


Welcome interface of the customized solution

Technician from YFCAD proposing a new mode of selling sanitary ware by using this presale system

On 10th Nov this year, YFCAD was invited to attend its “Success Sharing” meeting opened with Appollo’s dealers. The technician of YFCAD briefly introduced this system to all the Appollo dealers in this meeting and received positive comments from most of its dealers. They all reached the concensus that this system will greatly improved their service standard and attract more customers in the showrooms, which may finally contribute to the growth of the sales volume and bring more profit.

Getting affirmative consensus from Appollo’s dealers