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When Muji encounter Shangpin

Recently, Shangpin Overseas Manager Mr. Xie has given a warm reception to the management team of Muji, one of the most famous brands in Japan, and visit the Homekoo showroom for further observation of Shagnpin’s Business Model.

Mr. Xie is introducing the general business model of Shangpin’s design services.

Free design service is one of the key services that Shangpin provides to every customer.

iScan display system helps customers to preview color effect when choosing furniture panel and make the right choice.

Muji is planning to cast in more investment on its furniture business. And this trip to Shangpin is especially to learn how to do e-commerce in furniture business, as the successful business model “C2B+O2O” by Shangpin has been heard in the industry. After the observation in Homekoo showroom, they have much better understanding of the Tailor-made Service, Online-2-Offline Sales, Cloud Design, Mass Production and Auxiliary Product Platform by Shangpin.

The management team of Muji also gave a high appraise to Shangpin’s customized design service and will keep in touch with Shangpin for further cooperation in the future.


Muji has been using design software My Scene Designer, iScan and iTouch provided by YFCAD Software (Shangpin’s sibling company) and offer design service to their customers in Tokyo since 2012. In 2016, Muji put forward cooperation intent with YFCAD software again.


Shangpin Home Collection advocates the best one-stop purchase experience for each customer to buy suitable and high quality full house furniture. We provide what our customer need instead of what we have. We are looking forward to further mutual cooperation in the near future.