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YFCAD Business Conference for Strategic Partners 2016

YFCAD Business Conference for Strategic Partners 2016 was held successfully on the 21-23, September. During the conference, every partner shared their experience about marketing activities, technical service, and sales skills. Furthermore, we discussed development direction of software business and future key actions.


On the first day of conference, our partners visited the fifth Shangpin factory equipped with stereoscopic warehouse and robot arm. Right now, Shangpin Group is the leading brand of custom furniture in China, owning more than 1,200 showrooms, 10,000 designers and 5 factories.  YFCAD Software is the core support power for Shangpin’s rapid development. YFCAD not only provides the design software for Shangpin to offer free design, but also develops manufacturing software to realize mass production of custom furniture successfully. 

Partners were visiting product line of Shangpin Group.

After visiting factory, YFCAD partners moved on to Shangpin’s O2O (online to offline) showoroom, learn about the real application of YFCAD design software in furniture showroom. We also invite online marketing manager of Shangpin to introduce how they do online campaign.

On the second and third day of conference, YFCAD partner present their event and experience and have a SWOT discussion for future development plan. What makes us surprising is that many partners share very detailed and impressive tips about how to contact decision maker, convince customer, and deal with competitors, which is considered a very useful experience.

Besides partners’ sharing, YFCAD also prepare very exciting and helpful new development presentation and custom project experience sharing, to help partner have a clear picture of our future technology and business development.

Partners sharing of their market event and experience

YFCAD Group development introduction

New technology presentation

Domestic project experience sharing by experienced project sales manager in China.

Group discussion

After 3-day sharing and discussion, many agents have come up with new ideas for their own markets. It’s the inherent mission of our agent conference to promote interaction, cooperation and idea exchange. Just as collisions generate sparks, exchange and communication enrich our experience and creativity. We believe our software business will develop faster and better than ever after this conference.